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If you are serious about poker, there are several types of poker software / poker tools. Whether you play online or live, these tools can help take your game to the next level so you can maximize your victory and get up in bets. In this article, I will review three types of poker tools and the most important poker software on the market. These include:

  • The equity calculator to review the specific hand you play.
  • Database software to track your hands and statistics (as well as your opponents and statistics and statistics).
  • Breakers to study deep poker.

I will discuss the function of each type of poker software and share the link to the best available.

the king gambling
the king gambling

Equity calculator

This is a relatively basic software, but its use is strong and fundamental for the game. With equity calculator, you can find how much hand equity (or a hand range) that has into another hand (or a hand range). This can be done as a preflop matching (eg ako vs 55) or on the board given. For example, suppose you hold  a  on J  8  3  Flop and your opponent runs all for $ 100 into a pot $ 100. Based on your pot opportunity, you need at least 33.3% equity to reach calls. After estimating the range of your opponents, you can use the equity calculator to find out whether your hand has enough equity to call (I will use equilab for this example). Say you think the range to go all is a set, straight open draw, or a strong top partner (QJ +). These are the ranges that look like when they are included in Equilab: Now, you can insert your board and hand and run the calculation: It looks like your ACE has 65.32% equity versus the estimated range. It was far above 33.3% needed for disasters, so this was a dunk slam call.

Extra Equity Calculator Features
Some equity calculators also have other features. Flopzilla, for example, automatically calculates how often the range will be about failure. In other words, this shows you how often a certain range will fail a pair of top, middle couple, straight lottery, etc. The picture above comes from Flopzilla and shows how many ranges given are connected with the board to make certain hands. All in all, equity calculator is very useful, especially for new players. They give you the opportunity to develop intuition about how many hands / ranges owned in certain situations.

Database software

Database software is the most effective tool you want. They have three main functions:

  • Track the hands you play.
  • Calculate statistics.
  • Offer head view (HUD) from your opponent statistics.

Database software provides a framework for your poker study, making it very important for online players (assuming your site allows them). They make it easy to review your own game and find leaks in your strategy. Calculating your statistics and your opponents is another important feature of the database software. By analyzing these statistics, you can find trends in your own strategy or your opponent strategy. The main function of other trackers is the HUD (heads-up display), which displays opposing statistics while playing. This is probably the most misused function of the three. Hud users who are inexperienced often make large adjustments to their strategies based on very small hand samples, which can cause expensive errors.


The numbers near each player in the photo above each represented a different stat, such as the percentage of time they submit a preflope. You can adjust the HUD to enter whatever statistics you like.


Solver is the best way to learn about game poker strategies (GTO). The first solver is available for the public, Piosolver, which is also most widely used, out in 2015. Their existence has drastically changed the way the poker strategy is understood. Solvers provide users with a Nash equilibrium strategy (called ‘solutions’) based on certain variables, which are entered by the user. This input includes:

  • The preflop range involves
  • Pot size
  • Effective stack size
  • Betting size on the flop, turn and river
  • Raise the size on the flop, rotate and the river

A breaker basically does a large number of simulations, try various strategies against each other, with the premise that every player knows the right strategy of other players.

In this way, after the number of pious calculations, the strategy achieves balance, which means that no player can improve their strategy on the opponent’s strategy further. (Note that this does not mean that this is the most profitable strategy for any player. If you know the specific weakness of your opponents, you can adjust the “GTO” strategy solver to win more.) The important features of the breaker are the NodeLock function. This basically provides the power to the user to freeze certain strategies in the part of the game tree. The breaker recalculated the response according to the strategy. In other words, the NodeLOCK feature allows you to find out how to adjust the specific weakness of the player versus. On paper it will appear that a breaker will give a knowledge player about an invincible strategy – the main dream of many players. However, in practice, the solution is very often very difficult to follow because of mixing hyper-mixing.

For example, look at this breaker breaker range from past articles for A  8  3  Flop: As you can see, every hand in the range checks some time and betting the remaining time – all at the frequency that seems arbitrary. These strategies cannot be reproduced by US humans – they are too complicated to memorize and implement. However, they gave users insight about what strong strategies in different situations. You can learn the solver solution to find trends, which you can use to create a solid fundamental strategy, especially for failed situations. Solver has other powerful features too, depending on which you use, but everything is mainly used in the way described above.

The last thought about poker & poker software

If you want to play online and competitive poker, this software will really help you. Even if you only play directly, you can use calculators and equity breakers to learn more about the game. I often use everything and I wholeheartedly suggest you start using it too. That’s all for now!If y ou want some information or recommendations about poker software, don’t hesitate to leave comments in the comments section below and I will do our best to answer.

Until 'next time, good luck, grinder!

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